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WEATHERBY'S Tree Service Little Rock Logo of a small tree all in green.A tree standing on your property for years is so familiar you tend to view it as a permanent object. Its beauty satisfies you, gives you shade, and attracts chirping birds. You like having it around until it starts to decay, sheds leaves and branches, and become a nuisance.

Letting go of a tree may be hard. But, allowing the tree to grow unattended could bring more harm than good. What is more, consider what the tree will do to your property as it continues to decay.

At this point, you might think of cutting the tree yourself. To cut a tree or a branch yourself exposes you to injuries, and damage your property. Avoid tree-related accidents by hiring the services of a tree care company.  Weatherby’s Tree Service Little Rock offers safe and efficient tree care services

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It is understandable why some people want to cut the tree themselves. A huge concern of property owners is the cost of hiring a professional or a tree care company. Tree care experts, however, caution homeowners against cutting the trees themselves. Doing so often may lead to disaster.

Tree cutting is more than the cutting of branches; it is a complicated process. In tree cutting, you have to deal with heavyweights, powerful equipment, and great heights. Not to mention volts of electricity if your tree is near power lines. There is also the matter of liability if the branches end up damaging your neighbor’s properties.  Indeed, it is a dangerous job which leads to accidents and injuries. Because of the dangers, property owners ideally should not attempt to cut a tree without help from people who know exactly what they’re doing.

Our company has been in the tree care services business for years. We make sure to provide safe and efficient tree care because we see ourselves as part of the community we serve. Little Rock residents can depend on us for all forms of tree care.

Our team members work with your safety and satisfaction in mind. We also recognize that landscape aesthetic is important to property owners. To this end, our team members follow the rules of safety and aesthetic guidelines
To guarantee your satisfaction, we hire only the trained, experienced, and certified arborists. Our staff members are also well-compensated, insured, and bonded. Looking after our staffs, we remove your anxieties over financial and legal liabilities.  We use only the finest equipment and tools in the market. And, we train our team members in the proper use of equipment to avoid damages to your property. When the job is complete, it would appear as if no work occurred on your property.

    Our services cover residential, business, and large-scale residential and commercial development areas. In addition, our certified arborists are highly-qualified to work on any tree species.  You can expect professionalism in all our business dealings. We understand that delays are frustrating. So, we keep appointments, submit quotes when needed, and stick with agreed schedules. We are proud of the quality service we provide and we work at a fair price.

    Our tree climber in tree wearing safety gear cutting down large tree for our customer in Little Rock, AR

    Tree Removal Service

    Trees age and soon you may find it necessary to have it removed. There are various reasons why you need to have the tree removed from your property. Some reasons are obvious while some are not visible to the inexperienced eye.  Some of the indicators that you need to remove a tree are:

    • If it’s dead.  Excessive falling of leaves and branches dropping are signs a tree is dying. A hole in a trunk or other rotting out spaces at the tree’s base is another sign. 
    • If it’s unhealthy and decaying.  Decay is often difficult to see since it starts from the inside of a tree. You still can look for signs, such as mushroom-like spores appearing on branches, stems, or roots. 
    • If it’s storm-damaged.  Some storm-damaged trees are beyond repair. For instance, lightning may strike a tree and break or split it. Sometimes, a tree gets bent so much it cannot recover.
    • The tree is too close to your home.  A tree that is too near your home can damage the sidings, gutter, roofs, and windows.
    • Encroaching roots.  Creeping roots can damage the foundation of your home. You will see the signs of encroaching roots from cracks in patios and driveways. 
    • Structural issues of trees.  Some signs of structural issues are: bent trees, cracks in the trunk and branches, and hollow trees.
    • Insect-infested tree.  Presence of insects hastens decay and become a danger to people and property.

    It may not be easy to detect the signs of tree decay. When decay is difficult to detect, you need the expert assessment of an arborist. Our arborists are capable of assessing any tree species for signs of damage. The arborist can then plan for the safest and efficient way to remove the tree with no damage to your property.   The assessment covers the age, size of the tree, and its nearness to your home. To avoid liabilities, our expert inspects the tree’s nearness to the neighbor’s property. A neighbor could charge you of damages if the dead tree falls on their property. Also included in the inspection is the tree’s proximity to power lines.

    A homeowner who has no knowledge and experience in tree removal should never attempt to cut a tree. Tree cutting is a risky and dangerous job.   For instance, a homeowner with no tool as protection could fall from a tree. And, a homeowner who knows nothing of directional-felling technique could be struck by a falling branch.

    Statistics show the incidence of injuries results from inefficient and complacent tree cutting. By giving the task of removing trees to a professional, you get the assurance of efficient and safe work.  We provide quality work at an affordable price.

    For tree removal in Little Rock, call us and we provide you with an assessment and a quote at the instance.

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    Tree Trimming Service

    Trimming of trees is a much-neglected aspect of tree care. Most often, property owners are unaware of the dangers posed by huge and unattended trees. Also, they are unmindful of the growing trees’ impact on shrubs and lawn.

    There are a variety of reasons why you need to trim your tree:

    • Dead branches block the growth of new branches. Dead or unhealthy branches take up space and tree resources. Further, they are heavy causing other branches to droop. But, if you remove the dead branches, you encourage the tree to grow roots and new branches.
    • Dead branches attract fungi, diseases, and other types of decay. Dead branches are unhealthy, which condition spreads to other branches. When you trim a tree, you prevent the fungi from spreading to other branches. And, you expose other branches to air and sunlight, reducing the occurrence of disease. 
    • Trimming promotes fruit production. If your tree is fruit-bearing, trimming the tree encourages the production of fruits. Besides, trimming encourages spur shoots, which signal fruit production the following year. 
    • Unhealthy branches and overgrown trees pose dangers and risks. Unhealthy branches are weak; they break and fall off easy. What is more, they have no resistance against the strong winds or a storm. 
    •  An overgrown tree is an obstruction of your view. Overgrown tree obstructs sunlight and your view of the surroundings 

    If the reasons cited above are true to your tree, please contact us. Our company’s tree trimming Little Rock, AR services aim to:

    1. Remove hazardous branches
    2. Bring back symmetry to the tree
    3. Restores the tree to its natural appearance and shape
    4. Assess the health of the tree

    Trimming a tree may look like a simple job to you. But, inefficient trimming causes more harm to the tree’s health. Also, poor trimming poses risks to your person and destroys the landscape’s beauty.

    Let our arborist assess the health of the tree and come up with the proper ways to trim a tree. The assessment includes the desired shape of the tree and how it fits the landscape. Upon completion of the work, we assure you of restored health of the tree, and beauty to your landscape.  We are the tree trimming Little Rock, AR home and business owners trust to re-shape their trees. 

    Stump Grinding Services

    Our crew using a stump grinder for our customer in Little Rock, ARYou may have a stump in your property left behind by previous tree cutting.   If you leave the stump where it is, you expose yourself and others to unnecessary risks. 

    Many homeowners tend to remove the stump themselves. Stump removal, however, is a dangerous and complicated job that is best left to a professional.

    Our company’s expert professionals can take care of the following for you:

    • Remove stumps and improve the beauty of your landscape. A stump is a distraction to the beauty of your landscape. A stump on your yard might be the only thing that’s stopping you from having a perfectly manicured lawn.
    • Remove hazardous stumps. The children playing in your yard may trip over a stump. Your guests and neighbors could also trip over a jutting stump by accident. Also, your mower could hit the stump while you are mowing causing you to spend money for the repair.
    • Prevent the spread of fungi by grinding and removing the stump. Decayed stumps attract fungi and insects and pose a danger to other healthy trees. If the stump is near a structure, the insects can spread to your home and do damage.
    • Prevent fresh stumps from re-growth. By grinding or removing the stump, you prevent suckers from growing. To stop suckers from growing, you need to cut them or spray herbicides. But, if you grind stumps, you save on money, time, and effort.

    We use high-quality equipment to work on any size tree stump. We do stump grinding and removal fast with no damage to your property. And, you can use the resulting chips as mulch, compressed wood pellets for burning, or for firewood.

    We take stump grinding seriously, as we do all our tree care services. After completion, it would be as if the stump was never there and you’ll be able to fully enjoy your yard space.

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    Emergency Service

    Trees may fall during storms and strong wind. More so the weak and damaged trees which break and fall faster than the sturdy and healthy trees. Though generally, trees are no match against winds, tornadoes, and lightning strikes.

    It is not only the storm that causes the trees to fall. Aged and overgrown trees can break and fall. Damaged trees, fungi, and wood insect weaken trees and become prone to tree breakage. Another cause of tree break is internal decay that weakens the tree’s structure.

    Years of tree care work brought to our attention the hazards of fallen trees and debris. Hazards come in the form of:

    • Electrical lines getting tangled with tree branches.
    • Big branches falling on your roof causing major damage to your home. The damage will cost you money in repairs.
    • Fallen trees blocking paths and roads.
    • Debris after the storm that is messy and tedious to clear. 

    We  respond to all types of emergency at any time and day. Our response is fast because we recognize the urgency of the situation. To this end, we have certified professionals trained to respond to all emergency situations.

    When emergency situations occur, move your family to a safe place. The environment could be dangerous due to the exposed live wires. As soon as you have moved your family to a safe place, call us immediately. We can remove the live wires in a safe manner. Our team can also assist the power company personnel to restore your electricity.

    Your safety and protection are topmost of our concern. We understand the urgency of the situation and what you feel in cases of emergency. So, when you call us, we respond quickly. We have the team and the right equipment to restore your home and landscape to its original form and beauty.

    Land Clearing Services

    Lot and land clearing is necessary for a property owner planning to do a property overhaul. Clearing a land for construction necessitates the use of heavy machinery and equipment. The work involves the removal of trees, shrubs and brushes, as well as stumps and other natural obstructions.

    The lot and land clearing Little Rock is a specialized service. We serve clients who are starting new constructions. Also, we work for clients doing extensive renovations. And, we have the capability to prepare land for agricultural purposes.

    Our company has considerable experience in this specialized service. It is the experience and the quality of our performance that backs our partnership with:

    • Land developers
    • Construction companies
    • Commercial land owners
    • Residential homeowners
    • Residential builders

     Clearing the land entails much more than the removal of land obstructions. The work process needs planning and calculated method before actual construction starts. The emphasis is to avoid or keep the least damage to the land.
     he lot and land clearing work offered by our company includes the removal of debris. We chip the debris and load it away from the property.

    We welcome any job – big or small. Our team members are highly-trained in excavation and land clearing.  Additionally, we use the latest in heavy machinery to do the job. Call us and we’ll work out how we can provide you with services that will give you 100% satisfaction.

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