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Lot & Land Clearing

When someone speaks of lot and land clearing, what comes to mind is the removal of tree groups. But, clearing also serve residential, commercial, and land reuse. Some of our clients request for our clearing service for aesthetic purposes.  We can clear your property in an efficient manner. Our experienced, licensed, and certified professionals to perform land clearing.  And, we use the latest machinery and equipment to do a combination of tree service. 

Before you can start on a project you plan for your property, you need to clear the land first. In clearing the land, several factors come into consideration. These factors are the size of the land and government regulations. Other factors to consider are the methods and approach appropriate for the type of land.

To prepare for the clearing, the tree service company surveys the land. The purpose of the survey is to determine the type and extent of the work.   When the survey is complete, land clearing begins. The work starts with clearing the bushes, trees, and rocks which obstruct the project.  Grading the land follows the removal of obstructions.  For construction purposes, grading entails access road building and connecting utilities to site. Grading also involves the demolition of an existing building. The last is digging the foundation or basement.  If you are building a structure, you would also need excavation. You have to do excavation is to turn land into other purposes, like a garden, farmland or a pasture.​

Clearing Services Little Rock

Preparing the land, clearing, grading, and excavation is a heavy and complex process. Because the whole process is complex, you need the services of experienced professionals.  Weatherby;s Tree Service Little Rock can take care of the lot and land clearing you need. We have licensed and insured professionals who are ready to serve you. They are also well-compensated to protect you from liabilities in case of injuries. 

​We use state of the art equipment and machinery. Our staff members go through regular training in the use of this equipment. The equipment and the training ensure a safe and efficient land clearing.   There is more to lot and land clearing than removing trees, rocks, bushes, and shrubs. Our company’s aim is to reduce any form of damage to the property. We take a calculated and careful approach to clear the land to make it usable for the project. 

With our company’s expertise, our staff, and the equipment we use, we can serve any land clearing needs from residential to large commercial properties.

     We also include the use of a chipper to break the debris, remove the debris and haul it from your property.   We recognize the significance of meeting deadlines. So, we increase our productivity to be able to complete the work as scheduled.

    Call Weatherby’s Tree Service for your lot and clearing needs for send us a note here.   We combine our tree services to give you the satisfaction you deserve.