Pruning is critical for the growth and shape of a tree. This gardening technique does not only keep the tree aesthetically pleasing, but it also prevents it from getting infected with diseases and pests. With pruning, many health and safety issues among trees will be avoided.

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Reasons to Prune

Pruning is essential because of the following reasons:

  • It promotes good health in trees
  • Gets rid of stubs of branches
  • Eliminates crossing branches
  • Removes dead, unwanted, and dying branches that may be caused by natural disasters such as storms, as well as insects and diseases.

Do not perform topping on your tree’s crown because it can ruin the natural shape of the tree and result in its premature death.

Pruning is done to enhance and maintain the health of the plant as well as your entire landscape.

  • Encourage fruit and flower yield
  • Keep the density of shrubs
  • Improve the shape and the form of your tree, in keeping with your entire landscape.

Many homeowners prefer the natural form of the tree, especially for landscape trees. Don’t cut the tree in an unnatural shape because it will not only affect its appearance but its overall health.

Below are some of the other reasons why tree pruning is critical to the health of a tree:

  • Improve or maintain the shape and form of a tree
  • Keeps the tree or shrub’s proportion
  • Protect your home from overgrown branches that can be hazardous
  • It prevents the need for tree removal, which can be very costly. Tree removal should not be an option unless necessary.
  • Removes undesired branches, water shoots, and dead branches
  • It eliminates weak branches that can be a threat to you and your property’s safety
  • Removes any branches or limbs that cause obstruction of view for vehicles, pedestrians, and utility lines.
  • Eliminates any growth that may put you and your property in harm
  • It trains your tree in terms of its shape and form

The Best Time to Prune

Young trees that are not pruned correctly will cost you more money in the long run because they will have more health issues than those that are pruned correctly. You will have to prune your trees as they mature to prevent the problems from taking place, and that means spending more on their maintenance. It is best to start pruning your tree early on. Don’t forget to remove dead and damaged branches to ensure your tree is off to a good start. You should also prune your tree with the purpose of enhancing its shape and structure. When pruning young trees, identify the leader branch and never cut it back so it can establish itself.

Your tree will thrive longer if it’s pruned at the right time, using the right technique, which is why you shouldn’t start cutting your tree unless you know exactly what to do. Keep in mind that it is best to prune trees in their dormant state, in late winter or early spring.

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