Weatherby's Tree Service Little Rock


Having a tree in your yard gives it a homey and friendly feel. Many homeowners love to have trees on their property. However, trees do come with certain hazards.  Trees may fall due to storms and high winds. Whatever the cause, Weatherby’s Tree Service  responds to your needs any time of the day.   Tree maintenance can reduce the risk of trees breaking and falling. But, trees break and get uprooted for various reasons, such as nature just taking its course. The common causes for trees falling are: 

  • Wind throw and wing snap. Wind throw refers to trees getting uprooted by the force of the wind. On the other hand, wind snap is tree breakage at the trunk. The trunk serves as the tree’s lever. Against the force of the wind, the tree gets uprooted. And, the taller the tree, the more it is susceptible to the force of wind throw.
  • Wood decay. Trees are strong structural materials; but, trees age and may not be strong in all places. Additionally, wood decays due to fungi and insect infestation. When the tree begins to decay, the tree’s structure weakens. 
  • Overgrown trees and crown structure. Tall trees are susceptible to strong winds. As a consequence, a tree’s crown with a poor structure tends to break, split, and tear.
  • Damaged or weak roots. Damage due to the storm is more likely to happen when roots are weak, damaged, or shallow. A root ball that is weak and shallow lacks support. The tree, therefore, is prone to falling, even without a storm.  

​The Weatherby’s Tree Service Little Rock have certified arborists who respond to emergency calls. They are also trained for emergency response to any type of emergency situations. And, our leading-edge tools and equipment guarantee a safe and quick work. ​

Emergency Service In Little Rock

When you have a tree damaged by a storm, move your family members immediately to a safe place. Avoid going around live power lines downed by the fallen tree. Once safe, call Weatherby’s Tree Service Little Rock and we will respond under our storm protocol.

  1. Once we receive your emergency call, we send our expert staff to your place to assess the damage. The staff will also assess the clean-up work to be done. 
  2. We then present you with an on-site cost estimate of the whole work process.

    3.  If you accept the quotation, our staff mobilizes the emergency team. The next step is to prepare the necessary tools and equipment for the work.

    4.  The crew will determine the dangerous situations. Where necessary, third parties will be called for help. where necessary. Such an instance is when downed live electrical lines are found.

    5.  The crew begins the work of removing the storm debris. Large branches will be cleared away and the small branches chipped. 

    The work continues until the clearing of all storm debris is complete and no mark of the storm remains. The crew makes sure to restore your property to what it was before the storm.  Emergency tree service is a specialized undertaking. To this end, we train our licensed professionals in responding to emergency situations. They are also insured and bonded to free you from any financial and legal liabilities arising from such situations.

    Call us for emergency tree service. We guarantee a disaster response that is safe, fast, and efficient.