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A full tree service does not stop with cutting the tree down. When the tree is cut, the stump is what remains after cutting. You still need to decide whether to have the stump removed or leave it where it is for other purposes.
Some clients opt to make use of the stump.

But, the time will come when the stump becomes a nuisance and a hazard. If you find it difficult to decide, We can help you. We have certified arborists who can recommend the best course of action to take on your stump.

There are reasons most homeowners decide on either grinding or removing the stump. Knowing their concerns may help rid you of indecision.

Stumps ruin the beauty of your landscape. A stump can be an obstruction to your landscape design. Removing a stump can improve the landscape’s appearance, or at least, give you a smoother lawn. 

  • Stumps produce new tree growth.  Stumps encourage new sprouts which can grow into small trees around the stump.
  • Hazard prone.  Stumps are prone to hazards for children who play in the yard. Your guests may accidentally trip over the stump. The stump then becomes a liability you have to address. It is also inconvenient and costly when you mow your lawn and the mower accidentally hit the stump.
  • Stumps are home to insects. The stump left on the ground takes time to decay. In the process of decay, the stump serves as a magnet for ants, beetles and other wood insects. Before you know it, the insects have spread to your home.

If you decide to act on your stump, you can choose between grinding or removing the stump from its roots. Of the two methods, we recommend stump grinding. This is because grinding is a simpler process than removal. Further, stump removal leaves a hole in the ground that needs to be filled.  Stump grinding requires the appropriate equipment for grinding purposes. And, it is prudent to have a trained professional operate the equipment. The equipment could be dangerous if operated by an untrained individual.

Stump Grinding Little Rock

    Stump grinding is a much more involved process than cutting and removing a tree. It requires socialized equipment and techniques.  The complex process is the reason some tree service companies exclude stump grinding from their quotations.  The tediousness of the work is why you see old stumps left in the yard.

    At the Weatherby’s Tree Service Little Rock, a stump assessment is done before the actual work. Several elements of the stump would determine the appropriate method to use. Such elements are the tree’s species, the stump’s age and size, and the number of stumps to be ground.  Stump grinding goes through the following steps:

    • The use of rake and shovel to clear the area from obstructions – rocks, gravel, and dirt
    • The use of a chainsaw follows to level the stump with the ground. The purpose of this approach is to minimize the amount of stump to be ground. By reducing the stump, we also minimize the resulting chips and dust.
    • Position the grinder over the stump (within three to six inches above the stump). 
    • Lower the cutting blades (approximately three inches.)
    • Move the grinding blades through the circumference of the stump. The grinding stops when the stump is three to six inches below the ground.

    Our staff clears the area of chips. You have the option to let our staff replant seed to repair the area.  The whole process lasts from 30 to 90 minutes. The duration would depend on the age and size of the stump.   When the task is complete, the team clears the premises of debris, leaving no mark of work done in your yard. Call Weatherby’s Tree Service Little Rock for your stump grinding needs.