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Often, homeowners put off removing a tree. It usually isn’t after the tree becomes very weak and dangerous that the thought of removal enters the average person’s mind. Additionally, many homeowners think of cutting the trees themselves.  However, tree removal is a process that involves careful planning and the right approach. More importantly, it can be dangerous.   Mistakes can be costly. Therefore, it’s wise to have a tree removed by an expert arborist. With an inexperienced person or company, removing a tree can cause be harmful to you and the property. 

We offers quality work from our highly-qualified and experienced arborists. We have the leading-edge equipment for our tree removal Little Rock service. We use only the best in resources to ensure safe and efficient removal.

Tree Removal Little Rock

Removing a tree involves a meticulous process requiring the services of highly-trained arborists. The whole process consists of a team of experienced professionals and the appropriate equipment. The whole process itself starts from the bottom up.  When you call tree service Little Rock, our expert visits your home for a free on-site assessment of the tree. Our company follows this up with a free quote. Along with the quote, we provide you with our insurance and licensing information. 

The assessment covers the inspection of the size and location of the tree. It surveys the presence of nearby structures and the accessibility of the tree. It also checks the tree’s condition and other unique conditions.  After the assessment, the work starts with the cutting of branches near the ground. The purpose of starting from the bottom is to remove obstructions when branches near the top are cut.   The team will use lines and a pulley system. The system allows for the manipulation and control of the heavy limbs as they lower the branches to the ground. This method ensures the safety of the crew and prevents damage to the property.   All the while, a crew is ready on the ground to receive the cut branches. The crew makes sure the work area is clear of debris. Cut branches and debris are then chipped to transform them into mulch.

A day before the scheduled work, you will hear from our company representative. The call will inform you of the crew’s arrival time, with a 2-hour window.   We will then review with you the work order for changes and other services you may want to discuss. We present you with another quotation if you want to add other services from us.   When the team arrives, the head of the team will again review the work order for any concerns. If everything is settled, the team prepares for the tree removal.  The team head then assigns the members to different roles:  

  • Lead cutter, 
  • Branch cutter, 
  • Ground crew, and 
  • Clean-up chipper

    The cutters cut the tree limb by limb until the main trunk remains. Cutting of the trunk is done by sections. Also, you have the option to have the stump removed, ground, or left for other purposes. Some clients use the stump as a decorative planter.  The ground crew makes sure the work area is cleared of debris. And, the ground crew inspects the surrounding areas for small branches and debris.  At the completion of the work, we make sure no marks show on the property. Our company aims for a 100% satisfaction from you for the work done. We welcome your call for our tree removal service in Little Rock.