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Why Trim A Tree?

Regular trimming of trees benefits the homeowner in many ways. Its benefits go beyond aesthetics. Tree trimming encourages the growth of new, healthy branches, prevents decay, and promotes fruit production. It also makes the surrounding area safer because decaying branches tend to fall.   Trimming may appear like a simple task. But, the work is complex and random trimming might lead to injuries. It is best to let a trained professional handle the tree trimming Little Rock.

Trimming of trees is done between two to five years, depending on the type of tree. And, the trimming method used vary to match the tree’s problem. Because of the different approaches used, experienced professionals should handle the job.
The trimming method should match the purpose:

  • Fine pruning. This is the approach used if the purpose is to remove small branches and improve the tree’s appearance;
  • Standard pruning. The approach used if the purpose is to boost the structure of the tree’s branches. This approach requires heavy branch cutting;
  • Hazard trimming. Hazard trimming is the recommended approach when trees are safety risks. The approach involves cutting of heavy branches.
  • Trimming to reduce the crown. This approach involves cutting the tree’s major branches. Crown trimming is what the arborist does when a tree is dying. Also, the arborist trims trees damaged by a storm or where branches get tangled with power lines.

Tree trimming is a science and an art. It is a complicated process which requires careful tree assessment and methodical trimming. Our arborist is highly-trained in trimming and in shaping the tree to fit the beauty of the landscape. 

Tree Trimming Little Rock

In trimming a tree, our arborist follows a structured procedure. Our arborist makes sure that trimming branches are not cut near the main trunk. Additionally, you have our assurance that our team does not over trim your tree.

At your call, we send a company representative to visit your property to assess the tree(s) you want to be trimmed. The representative will then check the extent of the work. Next step is to determine the approach appropriate for the tree’s condition.   We would want to know of preferred specifications for the trimming work. Likewise, we would appreciate if you tell us what you want with the cut woods. We will present to you a verbal estimate of the cost of the work. 

     Next, we send you a written quotation through your email. The quotation also specifies the agreed date and time for the trimming service.  The main trimmer and two ground crews will compose the team who will work on your tree. The ground crew will work on the tree’s surrounding area and ensure the safety of the people while at work. They will also check that the lawn and landscape are kept clean during and after trimming.   The larger limbs are cut into sections. You have the option to have us remove the limbs from your property or you can use them as firewood. The smaller sticks and branches will be put in the chipper. You have our assurance that when our team leaves, your landscape is the same as it was before the trimming work.

    ​Call us for our tree trimming Little Rock service and experience the quality of our work.